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sticky, the superhuman coachbot for a healthy body and mind. 

The story of one artifical intelligence on a mission to save the entire human race
...from itself.

Sticky solves a Big Problem in Healthcare

The cost of healthcare is on the rise. Preventive medicine is becoming increasingly important. But prevention requires guidance and discipline.

At the dawn of an era of self-determination that's becoming an increasingly difficult task. Employment and family models that facilitate structure and routine are eroding. If we fail to find alternatives, we increase the risk of mental and physical illness.

We made it our mission to use technology to make sure liberty means happiness and health. 

A life coach with superhuman powers


sticky is an artifically intelligent life coach. It's a chatbot you can add as a contact on telegram or facebook messenger to help you design and stick to a healthy and productive lifestyle.


Life coaches look at the big picture of where you are and where you want to be. They give customized advice, keep you focused, and hold you accountable. 


Our chatbot sticky can do everything a life coach can, but with superhuman abilities. It's always there for you, is incredibly smart and get's better every day.


sticky will help you design a healthy and productive daily routine and make you stick to it.  Wake-up earlier, do more excersise, focus, improve your social life and much more.


Smart & connected coaching

You define the daily routine you want - more excersise, get-up earlier, stop procrastinating or lower your stress levels. We help you define goals and methods that work for you, based on an analysis of millions of data points. You can even give sticky access to data from your hardware devices and health apps.

Motivation that sticks

Depending on what motivates you, sticky can send reminders, track your progress or let you compete and rank against other users and even make you win or loose cash. It's the most effective way of holding you accountable to your goals - there are no excuses. And even when you're sick or sad, or just procrastinating - sticky will help you get back on track for the long run.


Advice that works

Sticky applies methods from behavioural science and medicine to help you become more healthy and productive. It can give a bunch of tips & tricks it learns from the community and top scientific journals to help you succeed.

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